We started off as a talk over a campfire revolving around spirit animals, and this has now become the Wolf & Bear brand as we know it. Based in Sydney, our initial intention was to create clothing that we could connect with, linking it with the story of the Wolf & Bear and feeling the same power we felt when exploring each others worlds. We decided what we wanted to wear, and over endless hours of designs, trials and samples, we eventually came up with our first collection. 

Building on this, we discovered a joint passion to inform and assist like minded individuals to explore ways and ideas of keeping our Earth beautiful for generations to come. We want to explore ways to create, grow and sustain a waste free life as well as looking out for all living things.

We are proud to have close personal relationships with two incredible ambassadors, Elise Kellett and Danni Parr, as well as, fellow Earth advocates, photographers, bloggers, our wild wanderers, artists and musicians and for us, it creates an authenticity within what we call our 'Pack'. We try and inspire by what we are inspired by. Travel, literature, photography and people being the best they can be. Everywhere you see a Wolf & Bear tee, you can be sure that they have a wild and wonderful story to share. 

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Be wild with us,

Wolf + Bear