our brand heart.

our brand heart.

The 5 colours that make up our ‘origin’ design featured above each represent a fundamental branch of what Wolf Bear Collective feels very strongly about. 


wild LIFE.

green embodies the wild life. We strive to look after all the earth has given us and we are constantly pushing to give more back. This is why we choose to plant 5 trees for every garment sold with the help of our incredible partners at Eden Reforestation. This is our way of giving back to the planet that gives us life.


the PACK.

sand represents you, our wild and fierce pack. Made up of artists, musicians, wild wanderers and explorers. We all share a common mindset that the Earth is a gift to treasure. So together, let's spread the word on environmental issues and how we can all do our bit to make positive change.



sky blue represents the new horizons that we all are running towards. Whether it's our own product development goals or your own eco conscious objectives, these are things we can help each other with. This is why your feedback is fundamental to our development and always encouraged.



dark blue represents the thirst for adventure. The idea to gain new experiences is why we chose to design tees, so that you can show you are a wild wanderer.



red represents the earth and the practices we use to be more sustainable as a company and as humans. We use natural fabrics, water based inks and compostable and recyclable packaging. We are so proud of our ethics but are always on the hunt for more environmentally ethical solutions.