our dream.

our dream.

Let me introduce ourselves, I am Vanessa and he is Harry and together we are Wolf Bear Collective.  Our idea was born at the Wombeyan Caves from a raw exposure to Mother Nature and all her elements on a weekend camping. We spoke of spirit animals and our hearts were immediately taken by the meaning of being a Wolf + Bear; fierce, protective and pack oriented.

From this, we began the dream of creating a clothing line where one singular item can cater for all.  Clothing that spoke to a community of people that embraced equality, diversity and an ethical mindset. We want to resonate with anyone who comes across our brand which is why it is so important for us to connect with real people, in real places, seeking real adventure and finding real solutions. 

We wanted people to see clothing in a new light, and creating a unisex fashion brand was a conscious choice. By being unisex we promote gender equality and neutrality because we want to manifest the concept of true self-awareness and support those who live a non-binary lifestyle. We want to help break the glass ceiling of gender-associated stereotypes to help our children understand they are individuals. It also disrupts the cycle of fast fashion, therefore to be unisex is to be sustainable and we’re all for that!

Lastly it means you can wear whatever you want. That’s why anyone who chooses to wear one of our garments automatically becomes an advocate for positive change.

So buy it once from us, and have the support of the pack for a lifetime.