our mission.

our mission.

the foundations

Early on we learned we both share a deep seeded passion for the environment and wanted to explore how we can bring awareness to the world on current global ecological issues and put forward solutions. We asked ourselves, how can we make an effort to reduce waste, especially in the fashion industry? And in turn, how can we encourage this mindset to be the norm in our society? These simple ideas have now become the foundation of Wolf Bear Collective and what we are trying to achieve. 

unisex clothing

When it comes to clothes, it's without a doubt, a more sustainable business model than non unisex brands, because sustainable fashion, in its truest sense exists both to minimise our impact on the planet and to protect the future of those who inhabit it. Simply by being unisex, we move towards a more circular economy because we’re allowing less consumption due to producing long lasting clothing, plus you know… sharing is caring (that’s what I say to Harry when we both want to wear the same Origin tee).  

shaking things up

When we first started WBC, we wrote down a list of things we wanted from the brands we buy from; easy returns, sustainable fabrics and practices, full product transparency, good customer service and came at a reasonable expense, not only to our wallet but also our precious Earth, if you know what I mean. We have kept this list at the forefront of what we do and keep adding to it as we continuously evolve. 

being the best we can be

Simply put, we are a Sydney based adventure wear clothing label with on mission to be a positive role model to the fashion industry. Having a ‘made to order’ business model, we are actively fighting against the fast fashion cycle by creating eco friendly, sustainable, long lasting, unisex garments that stand the test of time. Our intention is also to create clothing that everyone can wear which allows us to be more connected to our pack. We understand that with our business, there will always be room to improve.  So with your help, we always aim to identify our problems in order to come up with better solutions.