our pledge.

our pledge.

why plant trees?

At the center of our partnership with Eden reforestation, their work is fundamentally building relationships with local communities. We work alongside them to produce, plant, and protect tens of millions of trees every month, thereby creating jobs to support them in restoring their local environment and economy long-term. Working in extremely remote settings, Edens national directors lead these communities with grit and relentless determination through a range of challenges, from extreme weather and landslides, to poachers, bandits, and wild animals.

what trees do you plant? 

We plant native tree species; these vary from nation to nation. We do not plant or introduce any invasive species at any of our project sites. We also plant a percentage of agroforestry species for sustainable community use. This prevents the community from going into newly restored forests and provides greater community benefit and involvement in the project.

restoring native forests

By planting 5 trees for every garment sold, we are able to assist native vegetation in growing back, while also improving soil quality, preventing erosion, and controlling invasive species - which can be particularly aggressive after forest fires without intervention.


where are we planting?

Through Eden Reforestation, efforts are focused on mobilising support for replanting, developing nurseries and planting trees with an army of volunteers and professional crews. From our pledge, we will help make sure we’re ready to hit the ground running. By planting trees in Nepal, Madagascar, Kenya, Mozambique, Indonesia, Phillipines, Haiti, Central America and Brazil, we're not only creating habitat corridors for wildlife, or enhancing biodiversity, we are also promoting sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices with landowners and  in the hope of restoring Madagascar's forests, the oldest island in the world and the fourth-largest, it's home to an astounding range of plant and animal life.

employ to plant methodology?

Eden Reforestation provide economic incentives and simple planting techniques to support local communities in restoring their local environment and economy. They keep their systems simple, so they can be easily replicated and implemented by people who don’t have many resources and must deal with treacherous roads, unreliable electricity, and spotty internet. By putting the local community at the center of their work, it inspires great commitment to reforestation and a sense of ownership to protect their forests long-term. Edens success and the communities’ success are inextricably entwined.

the plan for the future

Forests need active management in order to improve their health, protect wildlife, and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires in the future. Our projects work with local landowners and environmental organisations to improve the health of global forests and bush lands. 

As well as recovering fire-damaged lands, our support for reforestation will help restore habitat for native species found nowhere else in the world that depend on these environments.