this is us

this is us

I am Vanessa and he is Harry, and together we are the Wolf + Bear. 

Early on we learned we both have a deep seeded passion for the environment and wanted to explore how we can bring awareness to the world on current global ecological issues. We asked the questions, how can we make an effort to reduce waste and keep the Earth clean for all living things? Then in turn, how can we make this notion achievable for everyone? 

These simple ideas have now become the foundation of the Wolf Bear Collective brand.

We are a Sydney based adventure wear clothing label with a message. Our intention is to create clothing that everyone can connect with. We strive to be in touch with environmental issues, sustainable practices and be more connected to our community who we like to call 'the pack'. 

We create comfortable, affordable, eco friendly, fashionable, unisex garments that want to be with you on every adventure.