Living + Wild

At Wolf & Bear, we've always been completely obsessed with bringing the outdoors in. Not like walking muddy footprints through the house kind of way but in a lets be as close as possible to nature and feel really bloody good kind of way!

Invite Plants into your Home

Having living breathing plants in your living areas has tremendous positive impacts on your health and well being. I recently read an extremely interesting article on this exact topic. Loads of nerdy fun facts on which plants are best for air filtration, and how we can all remove the likes of those nasty pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and ammonia. You know, those things.

If you would like to know more, venture to this page where you'll read about NASA's (yes. NASA's!)investigations and findings on their "Clean Air" study.

Click here for a list of friendly plants!

Invite light into your Life

Additional to our green friends, that amazing source of power called the Sun is another positive contributor to a happy healthy life. 3 quick truths on light therapy. 

#1  Boosts Vitamin D levels

#2  Wards off depression

#3  Encourages better quality sleep

Definitely not saying to go bake yourself to a crisp in the direct midday Sun, but more like encouraging you to brighten up your indoor spaces to let in more light.  

So shed those hopelessly awkward vertical blinds and let the light shine in!

Click here for ways to get more light in your life!

Not much more needed to say, other than let the outside take over your inside!

Stay wild. Stay fierce.

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