There's a BEAR in there!


She’s a young English woman in Australia chasing her dreams and not compromising for anything that gets in her path. Fierce by nature and wild at heart, Danni Parr is a force to be reckoned with. 

Wolf & Bear had the opportunity to sit down with this fresh face and mind to discuss everything that makes her tick, so we dare you to read on…


So to get logistics out of the way, who is this person sitting before us?


"My name's Danni Parr, from Devon, England. I'm 28 years old and now living in Australia." 

We were humbled no end to have crossed paths with Danni and by no means of fate. She is best mates with a current ambassador of our brand, Elise Kellet! Crazy cool! Danni passionately reached out to us one sunny afternoon and we were blown away with her zest for life and interest in supporting Wolf & Bear Collective. An advocate for sustainability and everything Earth friendly, we had to explore this further. Speaking candidly, we asked her what shapes you as a person and what inspires you to wake up and smash the day?!


"I want to be as honest as possible, I spent too much time battling with a lack of self confidence, unsure who I was and what my purpose in life really was. There was a turning point when I recognised how I was feeling was not right and that there is a life out there waiting for me and I just have to go out and get it. I began to surround myself in mindfulness books, positive affirmations and ultimately make a decision that would change everything. Leaving the UK was both the hardest but best decision I ever made. 

What inspires me every day are the girls and women out there staying strong and smashing life and achieving their goals. I currently lead a team of young people who are like minded and want a future of financial freedom, which is work I enjoy very much." 

It’s always interesting to know what such a young individual has learned in a short span of life. Consequently, to be then shown wisdom beyond years makes you wanna say “that’s dope!”


"What I have learnt over time is not to waste life feeling unhappy. Whether it’s a situation you are in, your job or your environment. You always have the power to change that." 

It was evident that she holds an abundance of power within, but delved into the notion of higher powers…


"I would consider myself to be more spiritual than religious, however there is much more for me to learn with regards to spirituality. I would say my spirit animal is the lion. I mean, look at my mane! No, seriously, the lion is a symbol of personal strength and courage and I’m proud of everything I have overcome and I want to help others achieve the same." 

Having such an immense sense of purpose in life makes it no surprise that Danni is a coach and mentor…


"I think it’s very important young people have the right influences in their lives and with the majority of the population using social media it is the duty of those with a following to be that positive influence and a person they can look up to and listen to. I have so many words I could use but I think the main message I want people to hear is that life is made for living. There are many hurdles placed in front of us throughout life, keep jumping them, keep fighting for what you want and keep chasing your dreams." 

It’s no surprise that Danni is a world traveller, having uprooted from her home in England to realise her ambition of living in Australia. She’s been to parts of America on insane work trips but what’s next for her on her travel bucket list?


"I followed my childhood dream to travel to Australia and I consider it my new home. The next destination that is at the top of my list is Canada. Whether it’s winter or summer the mountains and lakes are so captivating to me." 

Talking with Danni, she has a very grounded sense of the impact her influence has on others. So when asking her about her favourite quote, she replied…


"I have so many quotes that I live by, however I always find myself coming back to this one: “Seek respect, not attention.” In a digital world, where there is attention everywhere, it’s important to maintain self respect and be known for the right reasons." 

We then went on to ask the age old question, what would you do with a million dollars? 


"I would split my million dollars between mental health charities because I believe it’s incredibly important for young people to have the support they need." 

Following on from that and with the recent uproar around climate change, we wanted to find out how Danni tries to lessen her environmental impact in an ever changing world…


"I try to use recycled products as much as I can and I only want to support brands and/or companies who put environmental consideration at the forefront of their image. I think the biggest issue is the corporations that claim to be helping when in fact they are only contributing to the problem." 

Thanks Danni for being an inspiration to us all!

You can follow Danni on Instagram @danniparr

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Stay wild. Stay fierce.

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