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Get your

claws out.


As much as we know our tee’s are dope. I wanted to show you ways to style and customise your brand spanking new threads! 

Recently I customised our Buchan Unisex Long Sleeve Tee and sported it at our latest Bondi Markets stall on Easter Sunday. The comments and feedback I received on how ‘cool’ it looked was mind blowing. So people get your claws out (also known as scissors) and let’s get chopping!


Cropping and Chopping


Step 1: Lay your tee on a flat surface and mark where the top of your hip bones are… Your hip bone’s connected to your thigh bone, your thigh bone’s connected to your knee bone…Sorry got side tracked.


Step 2: Either chalk a line across the bottom of the shirt or free ball it depending on your cutting skills.


Step 3: Measure the sleeves and make a line that sits half way between your wrist and your elbow and chop!


Step 4: To achieve an off the shoulder neck line you will be cutting out the ribbing. It’s important to not cut too much as then you’ll end up with a skirt… not ideal. You’ll want to cut close to the neck tape on one side and cut following the line of the neck tape. Then to keep a good shape you’ll want to finish halfway between the neck tape and shoulder seam on the opposite side. Everyone has their preferred sexy shoulder *wink wink so therefore cut more on the side that you want to flaunt.


Step 5: Resist the urge to try on.


Step 6: If you’re feeling extra fierce, here’s where you can really get your claws out and create a distressed look by adding random yet strategically placed holes. I’ve found that around the neck line, hem line and shoulder look best.

End result below. Bosh. 

For more on thread customisation, check out GIRLTEREST. They've done it all!