The Okami + Kuma

Wolf + Bear love to travel, and as one of our favourite destinations is Japan, we couldn’t help but celebrate what the Wolf means in Japanese culture. In Japanese folklore, the wolf is associated with the mountains and at night when travelers are lost in the mountains, the wolf at times will escort them to the doors of their homes. Show your appreciation of the Wolf in the Ōkami Hem + Chest Unisex T. 

 We also discovered that in Hokkaido, where we stayed, the Bear has a special place in Japanese history. The local indigenous people, the Ainu, call them ‘the gods of the mountains’, and no one would dispute that. 3000 Ezo bears currently live freely in Hokkaido’s mountains and remote woodlands. Show your appreciation of the Bear in the Kuma Hem + Chest Unisex T.

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