W+B was formed through the two of us finding each other, exploring each other’s lives and pasts and getting to know the other’s ideas and values. From this we discovered we both have a deep seeded passion for the environment and exploring how we can bring awareness to the world on current global problems. We asked the questions, how can we make an effort to reduce waste and keep the Earth clean for all living things? Then in turn, how can we make this notion achievable for everyone? 

If we were then to fast forward a year on, the inspiration of Wolf & Bear Collective is to establish a group of Earth minded people, who value the ways of creating and sustaining a waste free life. That’s why we say we’re a clothing brand that is a little ‘extra’, because wearing a Wolf & Bear tee shows people that you identify with these core values. Basically, if everyone can make a small change, that alone will have a positive impact on our planet.

We have very clear ideas about how we wanted to portray our business. This took more effort to ensure that everything that we source is ethical. We are extremely proud that our fabrics are 90-100% cotton and are outsourced from an international company that are extremely transparent around their employees high working standards. We use recycled cotton neck labels, our inks are water based and our packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable, all of which are made in Australia. But as proud as we are, that’s not to say we’re perfect! We are always striving to reach a zero- impact goal!


Join us. Become part of the pack.

Wolf + Bear