LIVE TO GIVE | Let's hear it for the Papa Bear!

I wanted to take this opportunity to give a shout out to all the Dad's this year for Fathers Day! In doing this I stumbled across a wonderful children's book titled 'My Dad is a Bear' by Nicola Connelly. This would be a great present for all the brand new 2019 papa bears to read to their cubs.


My dad is a bear.

He is tall and round like a bear.

He is soft and furry like a bear.

He climbs and gathers like a bear.

He even has big paws like a bear!

He scratches his back like a bear.

He sure can growl like a bear.

He goes fishing like a bear.

He even sleeps like a bear.

So one day I asked, ‘Dad, are you really a bear?’

‘Well of course I am Charlie, and do you know what bears do best?

‘No.’ I said.

‘Give bear hugs!’

By Nicola Connelly

Nicola Connelly is an emerging Australian author. She writes stories based on real life experiences and books she liked to read as a child. She is a primary school teacher in Queensland, which means she is constantly surrounded by books for young children. My Dad is a Bear is Nicola’s first book and is a 2015 CBCA Notable Book and was shortlisted for the Prime Minister's Literary Awards. Annie White's illustrations were selected as a Silver Category Winner for Illustrators Australia.

You can purchase her book here! Enjoy!

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