TRAVEL | Mabuhay!

Recently we embarked on the trip of a lifetime to the beautiful country of the Philippines...

It was a jam packed trip visiting family, attending a wedding, exploring the beautiful sites and getting an epic tan in the process. But more importantly,  learning about how Wolf & Bear can make a positive impact on the single use plastic waste that is ever consuming of this poverty stricken country.

The diversity between the have’s and have not’s was heavily apparent and it severely impacted us in a very emotional way.

We were lucky enough to have discussions with an architect, civil engineer and a local councilor who were all on board with our ideas as to how we could help clean up this problem.

After further research, we found that there are many wonderful individuals and businesses in the Philippines also trying to solve this issue which gave us hope for our ideas!

Please keep your Wolf and Bear senses pricked to find out more about our initiatives and potentially how you can get involved and help us on our quest.

As always, Stay Wild, Stay Fierce and say NO to single use plastic!

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