M E L A L E U C A  unisex hoodie

M E L A L E U C A unisex hoodie


You legend for choosing the Melaleuca Unisex Hoodie!

If you're a Bear, I'm a Bear!...

Sometimes you just can't resist a good twist on a movie quote...

The Melaleuca Unisex Hoodie, inspired by the Melaleuca forests of Australia that are filled with types of honey myrtle and tea-trees, and boasting over 200 species of plants. The vast majority of which can only be found in Australia.

The trees in this type of forest are characterized by a unique-looking bark, which grows in several thin layers that tend to peel off the tree trunk. In the case of this 270gsm hoodie however, you'll be wanting to put the layers on!

Melaleuca forests are ecologically important for a number of reasons. Primarily, these forests help maintain the health of coastal waters by preventing sedimentary deposits from washing into the ocean. Therefore any friend of the worlds eco-system is a friend of ours.


All colours are 50% cotton and 50% preshrunk polyester in a Relaxed Fit.