the strength sweater
the strength sweater
the strength sweater
the strength sweater
the strength sweater
the strength sweater
the strength sweater

the strength sweater

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s t y l e

This October, Wolf Bear Collective will be showing our support to those out there who have suffered or are currently suffering from Breast Cancer.

Whether it is yourself or a loved one, we want to show you, our warrior wolves, that we are here and have your back. That’s why we will be donating 100% of profits made from the “PINK SPIRIT COLLECTION” to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Made up of 3 exclusive styles specially created to help fund the incredible research that goes into new medicine and procedures that work towards a cure, they include the Strength Sweater, the Fighter T and the Warrior T.  

The Strength Sweater is a round neck sweatshirt made from air jet yarn for a softer feel and double needle stitching at the waistband and cuffs. Featuring the wolf + bear chest print and our brand heart colours on the left sleeve, the prints are created with 100% water based ink.

*Exclusively available for the month of October

f i t   +   f a b r i c

Light Pink is made with 50% cotton and 50% pre shrunk polyester fleece knit in a Relaxed Fit. 

c a r e

’Because caring for your clothes is caring for the environment’

Lower temperature washes and delicate spin cycles are gentler on garments and help to protect the colour, shape and structure of the fabric. Furthermore, they reduce the amount of energy used in care processes. Go you sustainability legend!

_Machine or hand wash in cold to warm water especially with like colours for the first time
_Use with your regular eco friendly detergent, no nasties please
_Hang dry from the nearest tree         
_No need to iron but if you want it crisp make it no hotter than 110 deg. 

o n e  t e e  +  o n e  t r e e

You can also breathe easy knowing that by purchasing this t-shirt, you will be contributing to the reforestation of negatively impacted areas around the world through One Tree Planted. 

But why do tree’s matter? They create social impact by providing sustenance and jobs, they absorb and regulate the climate while cleaning the air, they shelter and protect biodiversity, they intercept and filter water and improve our health. So let’s get planting!