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You know that The Wolf & Bear find it hard to sit still as we’re always looking for the next adventure…

This time we have our sights set on Japan!

The anticipation of travel doesn’t stop with the excitement around the destination but also comes with a few firsts. First time for both of us visiting this country, first time for the Wolf to see snow and attempt skiing and or snowboarding (I may need some advice on this crew) and the first time I’ll get to test my Year 10 Japanese language skills on real live people!

So because we are in search of perfect powder, we are travelling in January 2020, giving us (me) a whole lot of time to research all of my favorite things.

  1. Japanese food

  2. Karaoke bars

  3. Biking around the city

  4. Vending machine goods

  5. Japanese fashion

  6. Japanese culture

If you have travelled to Japan or in fact live there, please drop us a message on where we should go and what we should see, eat and do!