La Tierra Curativa, Australia.

La Tierra Curativa, Australia.

Earlier this year we donned our hiking boots, hat and backpack and set out to… buy a kayak + a new tent? Well so I thought.

In April, it was my birthday, and for those of you who don’t know, by me I mean Vanessa, Ness, Wolf… anyway Harry, who is of course the Bear, had devised a plan. Not only had he planned an entire getaway to the most beautiful, peaceful, down to Earth location I could have dreamed of but he also fooled me into thinking he had bought me a kayak and tent off Gumtree as a present. Don’t get me wrong, there would be nothing cooler than gently bobbing down a river on a sunny Sunday afternoon, however this is the beauty of the concept of ‘hiring’ and we already have a perfectly good tent!

I won’t get into that now but let’s just say that he duped me good and had it layed out to a tee. We arrived at the address of said kayak and tent and over in the distance on a private plot I see a magnificent Belle tent or Yurt as I prefer to call it. My exact words were, “that’s not the tent we’re buying!”

Well of course it wasn’t. Mel the lovely host of La Tierra Curativa, unknowing to the surprise, happily informed us of everything we needed to know for our stay. I proceeded to punch Harry in the chest.

We drove the car down, unloaded and immediately got settled by a roaring open fire, steaks, beers and all of the tranquility you could wish for.

The next morning we researched any walks in the local area and found Strickland State Forest, a semi tropical walk through a meandering stream and loads of wildlife. Magic.

Upon our return to our micro farm home, we stopped to say hello to the resident chickens, goats and ducks, all happily residing among the trees and dam.

So if this sounds like your perfect getaway, take a look at Mel’s Facebook @la_tierra_curativa and find out more about what they offer!



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