our mission

getting people into gear

the foundations

At Wolf Bear Collective, we believe that by creating products that allow us to go and explore, allows us all to become more open to protecting our planet. Early on we learned we both share a deep seeded passion for the environment and wanted to explore how we can bring awareness to the world on current global ecological issues and put forward solutions. We asked ourselves, how can we make an effort to reduce waste, especially in the fashion industry? And in turn, how can we encourage this mindset to be the norm in our society? These simple ideas have now become the foundation of Wolf Bear Collective and what we are trying to achieve. 

unisex clothing

When it comes to clothes, it's without a doubt, a more sustainable business model than non unisex brands, because sustainable fashion, in its truest sense exists both to minimise our impact on the planet and to protect the future of those who inhabit it. Simply by being unisex, we move towards a more circular economy because we’re allowing less consumption due to producing long lasting clothing.

the pack

The wbc pack is made up of fellow earth advocates, photographers, nature lovers, sustainability champions, artists and musicians.

new tech

Exploring new technologies in garment manufacturing such as recycled and organic materials which means less impact on our planet.

planting trees

We plant 5 trees for every product we sell, creating employment while preserving and restoring our natural environment and ecosystems.