our mission

“To forge a path towards a future where nature is cherished, protected, and enjoyed by all."

for the future
the foundation

At Wolf Bear Collective, we truly beleive that by crafting top-notch products that inspire us to venture out and explore, we can ignite a fierce dedication within us all to safeguard our beautiful planet. Right from the get-go, we realized that we both harbor a profound love for Mother Nature and were eager to delve into ways of raising global awareness about the pressing ecological challenges we face today, while also offering up some brilliant solutions. We pondered, how can we make a genuine impact and slash wastage, particularly in the fashion industry? And how can we rally people around this mindset, making it the norm in our society? These humble ideas have now bloomed into the very core of Wolf Bear Collective and what we're dead-set on achieving.

the pack

We actively seek out partnerships and collaborations with like-minded visionaries who share our passion for progress and planet preservation. The wbc pack is made up of fellow earth advocates, photographers, nature lovers, sustainability champions, artists and musicians. Together, we strive to pave the way for a more sustainable future.

new tech

Exploring new technologies in garment manufacturing, such as incorporating recycled and organic materials, is an exciting avenue that not only promotes innovation but also addresses the pressing need to reduce our impact on the planet. By embracing these sustainable practices, we can actively contribute to creating a more eco-friendly fashion industry.

planting trees

At our core, we are driven by a deep commitment to the well-being of our planet. That's why, for every product we sell, we go the extra mile by planting five trees, a powerful initiative that allows us to contribute to both employment opportunities and the preservation and restoration of our natural environment and ecosystems.

“Our garments act as a common thread, connecting individuals who share the same passion for exploration, pushing boundaries, and living life to the fullest.”

Unisex & sustainable
the revolution

When it comes to clothes, it's without a doubt, a more sustainable business model than non unisex brands, because sustainable fashion, in its truest sense exists both to minimise our impact on the planet and to protect the future of those who inhabit it. Simply by being unisex, we move towards a more circular economy by allowing less consumption due to producing long lasting clothing, made for multiple uses.