where it all began
Harry + Ness
from the beginning

I'm Harry and that's Ness and together we are Wolf Bear Collective. The wbc idea was officially (even if it was unknowingly) born at the Wombeyan Caves from a raw exposure to Mother Nature and all her elements on a weekend camping. We spoke of spirit animals and our hearts were immediately taken by the meaning of being a Wolf + Bear; fierce, protective and pack oriented. If you've met us at one of the markets, no doubt you have seen the tattoos that kicked this whole idea off, the layered Wolf + Bear runes (you might even have some og gear with them screen printed on!).



1 shirt, 5 trees, 10 uses

This question always stuck with us on our journey. Can a shirt have more than one use? Can we create a shirt that is long lasting, durable, fashionable (without following a fad) and comfortable all whilst being unisex and multifunctional?

creating the collective

From this we began the dream of creating a clothing line where one singular item could cater for all. It originally started with a second hand screen printing press, a heap of old tees, usually loud music and a rock solid idea. Through our evolution, a few things have changed but all for the better. The press has changed, the space where we print has changed, the scale and size of our team, but one thing has remained and that's our mantra that we continue to work by today. 'Simple design, made to last and constructed beautifully.' 

from the archives

our first market at Bondi

the first of many presses (the runes spell out wolf bear collective)

our first long sleeves hitting the slopes of France

tea break time

#24 of our market build

getting out in nature for inspiration

live to give was our first charity initiative

our product tester checking the fit on our first rambler hats

our first attempt at marketing

shaking things up

We set out to create a company with an underlying message based around our climate, by creating more sustainable clothing, we saw that the industry as a whole was due a shake up. We are a unisex brand on a mission slow down the fast fashion industry, to give back to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. We want to plant trees that filter the air we breath, clean the water we drink and to provide a habitat to a majority of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity seems to be the least we do. As a collective, we are making a change, and that’s why we plant 5 trees for every item sold.