our brand heart.

our brand heart.

The five colours you see in our 'origin' design each stand for a core pillar of what Wolf Bear Collective deeply believes in.

wild LIFE.

Green, it's the heartbeat of the untamed, the very essence of the wild. We're committed to safeguarding every gift Mother Earth has bestowed upon us, and we're forever driven to return the favour, to go the extra mile. That's why, for every piece we sell, we're putting down roots, planting five trees, thanks to our extraordinary collaborators over at Eden Reforestation. It's our gesture of gratitude to the planet that breathes life into us.

the PACK.

Sand is a reflection of each and every one of you—our untamed, fierce tribe. We're a mix of artists, musicians, free-spirited wanderers, and fearless explorers. What binds us is a shared belief that this Earth is a precious gift, one we hold dear. So, let's unite in spreading the message about environmental challenges and how each of us can contribute to creating a ripple of positive change.


Sky blue symbolises the fresh frontiers we're all chasing after. Not limited to new gear or technologies, our own aspirations in product development or your eco-conscious missions, these are ventures we can embark on together. That's precisely why your input is the bedrock of our progress, always welcomed and greatly valued.


Dark blue, it embodies the insatiable craving for adventure. The yearning for new experiences is what drove us to craft these tees. They're a canvas for you to declare, loud and clear, that you're a true wild wanderer, eager to explore the uncharted.


Red, it signifies the very ground we stand on and the measures we take to be more sustainable, both as a company and as individuals. We've woven our commitment into every thread, using natural fabrics, inks that embrace water, and packaging that's compostable or recyclable. We wear our ethics with pride, but we're relentless in our pursuit of even more environmentally conscious solutions. It's a journey we're determined to keep forging ahead on.

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