Tracey Cooke; drone expert. photographer. bear lover.

Tracey Cooke; drone expert. photographer. bear lover.

Towards the close of 2021, we had a bit of a predestined moment where some seemingly unrelated occurrences happened to then come together as an “Ah Ha!”… Let me get to the point.

If you’re familiar with the movie ‘Momento’ then you’ll understand when I say I’m going to start from the end of the story and work my way back (if you haven’t seen it, watch it. It features Guy Pierce. Solid). 

So, let me tell you about Tracey, she is a drone pilot, photographer and Jeep wave-er who lives and breathes exploring the outback of Western Australia one salt lake at a time. She revels in the free-wheeling feeling of being on the open road while camping out along the way and capturing the essence of Australia through her lens… I’m sure you get the drift why we love her here at Wolf Bear Collective.

“Shooting from up there, or from down here, I go where the road takes me”.

Tracey Cooke - Photographer





Tracey became a loyal customer of ours a year or so back, having since told us that she has a strong connection with bears, it now all makes sense but at that time we had no idea the connection we already possessed. This all happened around the time that we had started putting together ideas, concepts and designs for the ‘Origin Collection’. We were essentially looking at images of natural Australian landscapes for colours and topography. We then stumbled across a series of salt lake images from the ‘Pink Lake’ and other locations in the Goldfields-Esperance region of WA and were so blown away by the vibrancy of the colours that this is how we established the 5 colours that represent our brand heart, pretty cool right.

However, it wasn’t until we had an email one day asking us to track a package that had gone missing from Tracey Cooke Photography Studio that we were able to put all the pieces together and discover ‘Tracey Customer’ was also ‘Tracey Cooke fab photographer + inspiration to our brand’!

Needless to say we love her and have since been able to connect more and find out how she captures her stunning photographs, a truly amazing process, which is why we wanted to share her incredible images with you guys.  

If you are interested in Tracey’s photography and want to contact her, you can find her on Instagram @traceycookephotograpy.

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  • Tracey Cooke

    I was humbled to read this write up by one of my fav Aussie clothing labels. Their name resonated with me the first time I saw it. 🥰

    My @wolfbearcollective hoodie was one of the last items I grabbed as I raced out the door on my last trip off to see what I could see. Lucky, as it turned out.
    I left Perth in the middle of a heatwave at 43C, heading south east from Perth… to below 20C at night 🥶
    My hoodie was my sole source of warmth that first night. I managed to find a couple of cheap fleece blankets the next day in Hopetoun 🤦🏻‍♀️ (just call me the blankie queen… there’s a growing pile in my hall cupboard)

    That hoodie has been part of my travel pack since I got it… and has now saved my skin from freezing a few times 😁 #betterpackingTrace

    I love the ethos behind this label, and I really like their gear. I’m a total fan ☺️

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