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Photo credit - @akphotography
cass + andžs

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photo credit - @akphotography

We've always grooved to a different beat as a family, each of us carving out our own paths of transformation and growth.

Picture this: It all kicked off back in 2013 (yeah, that's a whole decade!). From a rocky start in a foreign land where I barely spoke the language (lesson well-learned!), destiny led me to London, round two. My initial plan was all about chasing cash, but life had its own script – and oh boy, the lessons were abundant.

Cassandra and I crossed paths at a hotel in Earls Court. She joined the London scene a little after I'd set up shop there. She took me under her wing, becoming my guide to the ropes and the language. It was during a Christmas that something just clicked between us.

Zoom ahead through a couple more years, countless adventures, and then the question: "Back to Australia, game for it?" My reply? An instant, unwavering yes – let's roll, right?

And roll we did, for a whole decade now. Kids, family choices, everyday decisions – the whole nine yards.

Our lives have become this fascinating blend of backgrounds from the farthest corners of the world. But what really counts for us isn't how stuff appears, it's all about the vibes they bring. Whether it's a simple cup of coffee or a snug sweater, it's all woven into the larger canvas of our journey and it’s these bits and pieces that have played a crucial role in shaping our tale of evolution.

Our aim? To give it our best shot, both as parents and as individuals, in everything we dive into – even a chat with a random person on the street.

Now, as for photography, it's been my sidekick since forever. My life's been this colorful collage of experiences – the constant moves, the heartaches of loss, and this unshakeable fascination with capturing it all.

Starting with the basics, like recording over old cassette tapes and fiddling with my mom's disposable cameras, I was hooked. And then, London happened, and I finally got my hands on a film camera.

Combining all these moments together have etched themselves into who I am today.