our dream.

Founders of Wolf Bear Collective

Harry + Ness

Let’s take you back to the beginning...

From this we began the dream of creating a clothing line where one singular item could cater for all. It originally started with a second hand screen printing press, a heap of old tees, usually loud music and a rock solid idea. Through our evolution, a few things have changed but all for the better. The press has changed, the space where we print has changed, the scale and size of our team, but one thing has remained and that's our mantra that we continue to work by today. 'Simple design, made to last and constructed beautifully.' 

We set out to create clothing which spoke to a community of people that embraced equality, diversity and a sustainable mindset. We want to  resonate with anyone who comes across WBC which is why it is so important for us to connect with real people, in real places, seeking real adventure and finding real solutions. 

So why unisex clothing?



Being a unisex brand wasn't born from 'brainstorming sessions' where we discussed the pros and cons of unisex fashion and asked open ended questions like, 'How do we market it? Where do we fit in a store? Does that mean we need a neutral colour scheme?' In all honesty, it couldn't have been further away from that and the decision was a simple one with a simple why not?

'Why aren't more clothing brands unisex?'

When it comes to clothes, it's without a doubt, a more sustainable business model than non unisex brands, because sustainable fashion, in its truest sense, exists both to minimise our impact on the planet and to protect the future of those who inhabit it. Simply by being unisex, we move towards a more circular economy which helps to reduce, reuse and recycle and keep long lasting clothing in use for as long as possible. If we only buy within the boundaries of gender then we step away from fashion efficiency. At Wolf Bear Collective we want to keep more clothes out of landfill and put them into the hands of people who’ll genuinely enjoy them, full stop.

Nat + Doug wearing ‘The Origin T’

Campaign for Change

Shake up your wardrobe + mindset…

Lastly it means you can wear whatever you want. That’s why anyone who chooses to wear one of our garments automatically becomes an advocate for positive change.

So, in a nutshell, that's us. Two passionate people that with your help, are creating change...and doing it in style. So buy it once from us, and have the support of the pack for a lifetime.